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  • Nonbank mortgage employment soars on brighter origination
    As per Mortgage New, Nonbank mortgage employment rose for the fourth consecutive month in June, as loan production during the second quarter was higher than expected at the start of the year.Nondepository mortgage lenders and brokers added 5,000 jobs in June, bringing total employment to 341,000 from a revised 336,100 for May, according to the […]
  • MBA: Mortgage Applications Rise after two weeks of decline.
    After two weeks of decline, mortgage applications rose to 5.8% as per the latest data collected by Mortgage Bankers Association’s Weekly Mortgage Survey for the week ending Feb 24th,2017.Despite the record low activity in refinance applications as interest rates remained above 4%, Mortgage applications managed to increase. The refinance share of mortgage activity decreased to […]
  • Fed Rate Hike? Whatever, Mortgage Rates Are Already Up
    According to, The surge in mortgage rates since the November election is expected to offset the increase to lenders' short-term funding costs following the Federal Open Markets Committee's 25-basis-point increase to the federal funds rate Wednesday. The federal funds rate doesn't directly affect the interest rates that borrowers pay on home loans, as mortgage […]
  • Women better at paying their mortgages than men? Hell ya ...
    This seems quite intuitive - but here it is backed up with some data.Women are far better than men at paying their mortgages on time; shows a new report from Attom data solutions. It says that women are better with financials in general. Women, when compared to men, are less likely to go into a […]
  • Mortgage Applications rise 0.6% from last week; Refinance applications dips 1% from last week.
    Mortgage applications increased 0.6 percent from last week and is a 13 percent higher than what it was the same week a year ago. Apparently mortgage interest rates are not scaring potential homebuyers. Though home sales are slowing down, the reason why we see an increase in mortgage applications activity is because there are more […]
  • Low Rates Push Housing Market Closer to Potential
    As per National Mortgage News , Mortgage rate push housing market closer to potential, Thanks to lower interest rates and higher job growth, First American Financial Corp. said in its latest Potential Home Sales model.First American's model for June showed that the existing-home sales market is only underperforming by 0.3%, which equates to roughly 17,000 sales […]
  • Mortgage Rates Getting Close to 3-Year Lows
    As per Mortgage News daily, Mortgage rates moved lower today, continuing the recent trend of improvement.  Investors are feeling more cautious after Fed Chair Janet Yellen expressed a surprising amount of caution around the topic of hiking rates and providing economic accommodation.  The Fed Funds Rate is a short-term rate that does not directly dictate mortgage […]
  • Mortgage Rates Highest in a Month
    As per Mortgage News, Mortgage rates moved only slightly higher today on average.  Some lenders were effectively unchanged from Friday, which is impressive considering the weakness in underlying bond markets.  In general, rates continue to move higher in concert with stocks and oil prices.  But whereas stocks and oil are closer to 2-month highs, mortgage rates are only […]
  • Mortgage Application Volume Rises as Rates Fall
    A drop in interest rates due to global economic worries fueled an increase in mortgage applications last week, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association. The MBA's Market Composite Index reported that the volume of mortgage loan applications lifted 8.8% on a seasonally adjusted basis from the previous week. The refinance index also increased by 11%, […]
  • Lock your mortgage rates before its too late. An in depth analysis as to how Jobs Report affect Mortgage Rates.
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes its Non- Farm Payrolls report commonly known as “The Jobs Report” which gives a detailed picture of the employment changes across ten private labor market sectors including finance. Wall street closely watches this report for two reasons, one being that jobs and labor market are linked closely to the […]